PanchaKarma The Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatments

Not to mention Ayurveda has given the world innumerable things. These things have helped to transform a world full of ailments to one which is fit and healthy. The endless significance of Ayurveda providing you with an alternative way of medication. Being the most prestigious branches of Ayurveda. Also, acts as a pillar for most …

Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India


Top 7 Places for Yoga Retreat in India Yoga retreats, Spreading in India like never before. Before getting into discussion let me ask you a simple thing – Do you feel stressed out? In this modern era, our mind and soul scream out for peace. A regular stay at home in weekends can never provide …

Gokarna – The little Paradise of Nature


Gokarna is known as the land of temples and beaches. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. People come here in search of relaxation and peace.

Rishikesh The Golden Gate to Self


When your mind at peace you will start finding happiness. The combination of Rishikesh and Yoga provides you with such treatment, making your stiff muscles and Mind relaxed.

Best of Varanasi

Varanasi Considered being the world’s oldest and holiest city among Hinduism. Also, Known as Banaras or Kashi.

History and Rituals of Holi

Narsingh Avtar of Lord Vishnu

History and Rituals of Holi The festival of colours, “Holi” endows us with such special moments in which we can distribute love and compassion with our near and dear ones. People leave all the grudges in past and try to move on while celebrating the occasion of Holi. As per Hindu scriptures, Holika Dahan commences …

Best places to celebrate Holi

Holi Festival Best places to Visit and Celebrate Holi “Festival of Colors” one of the ancient Indian and Hindu festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. When the festival is all about celebrating the victory. And yes, making merry and spreading …

Jaipur – The city that makes golden triangle tour magnificent

Jaipur – The city that makes golden triangle tour magnificent Also Called the “Pink City” of India. Nearly 250 Km Away from New Delhi. Jaipur is one of the most significant cities in India. Architecture, food, local culture, traditions. As well as, markets make it an important tourist destination. In Fact, Offers a lot to the …

Agra- A magical city – Golden Triangle tour!

Agra- A magical city – Golden Triangle tour! Many people relate Agra only with the Taj Mahal. But there are many places to visit in Agra and around, besides India’s most famous monument – the Taj Mahal. To begin with, the city houses many interesting remnants of the Mughal era. These monuments together with congested …

DELHI – The City Which Makes an iconic Golden Triangle tour!

Lotus Temple

DELHI – The City Which Makes an iconic Golden Triangle tour! Delhi is a land of great heritage. Further more it is enshrined with a lot of monuments. Indeed wonderful building, temples and many more sightseeing. Which make this city of great architectural and tourist land. Delhi the capital of India. Moreover, a beautiful blend …