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Gokarna – The little Paradise of Nature

Gokarna – The Little Paradise of Nature

Get ready for a perfect getaway. Gokarna is known as the land of temples and beaches. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. People come here in search of relaxation and peace. Some of the tourist spots to mention are the Gokarna Beach, Om beach, Mahabaleshwar temple etc. These beaches are still unexplored by many and people mainly come here to escape the busy city life. There tourists spots are fully packed with surprises and make a pleasant weekend getaway. So whether you are planning to seek a retreat with your family or a bachelor’s trip with your friend, Gokarna proves to be a perfect place to plan your holiday.

The very first thing that strikes to my mind on hearing “Gokarna” is “Om beach”. Om beach is the most popular beach among. It’s also a bit overcrowded and not well kept.
In your trip to Gokarna, plan to stay at least one night at any of the beaches, preferring the Kudle beach and least being the Om beach. As accommodations are overpriced and not worth it. The very first thing to do after reaching Kudle beach is to take a deep dive into the clear waters, though I tried it alone, my friend following afterward.

Kudle Beach

Once you are done enjoying the waters, go to one of the restaurants out there. There is no music, no dance all you can hear are the waves splashing against the sandy shores. The food is surprisingly good though a bit tough for your pocket. Once you are done head over to the beach, you will find thousands of people playing volleyball and other water games. Join them if you want or make a team of yours.

“Om” Beach

After spending a chilling night drinking and chatting its time to mode for the “Om” beach the next day. Om beach is a bit walk from Kudle across the hills, but the breathtaking views are totally worth the huffing and puffing.
One of the splendid feature to mention that the brach is shaped like “Om” and attracts tons of crowds who wish to relax and rejuvenate. And if you are fond of photography this very beach takes you through the lanes of memories.

Mirjan Fort

The next day plan your trip to Mirjan Fort. This masterpiece of architecture stands gloriously on the banks of the river Aghanashini River. This fort is believed to build under the patronage of Queen Chennabharadevi, popular as the pepper queen. This fort was a spice hub which was later captured by the British. Try to plan your visit in monsoons to have an experience of the natural greenery.
If you are left with energy and time, make your visit to Yana and Vibhooti falls.

Best time to plan your Trip

Gokarna experiences monsoon from June to August, then following that the weather becomes dry and sunny. So the best time being October to march to plan your visit at Gokarna when the weather is not hot but warm and pleasant with an average temperature of 30-32 degree Celsius. But try avoiding the months of April and May, the way hotter months with additional humidity.


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