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Introducing Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga and Sound Healing School
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Welcome to Fitfortunes overall Wellness Yoga and Sound Healing School! Our goal is to give you the tools and information you need to heal yourself and achieve overall wellness. Our focus is on the changing power of Yogic Chikitsa, which gives you a complete way to stay healthy. Our goal at Open Lotus Yoga is to meet all of your needs by offering a wide range of services. Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yogic Chikitsa, Yoga Retreats, Emotional Wellness, Physical Awareness, and Subtle Body Practices are some of the things we give. We offer a unique and well-balanced mix of ancient wisdom and modern science at OpenMind health. This gives you a truly complete and all-around approach to health.

Our Mission

At Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga and Sound Healing School, our goal is based on the idea that everyone’s path to health is a unique and personal one. Through a mix of ancient wisdom and modern science, we hope to create a world where people can embrace holistic health and keep their body, mind, and spirit in balance.

Since the beginning of our business in 2019, we’ve been driven by a strong desire to give people the tools they need to make this life-changing trip. Think of us as your guides on the way to healing and self-discovery. We’re more than just a school; we’re a community that values the unique experiences that each student brings.

Imagine that when you walk into our place, you feel welcome and warm. We don’t believe in strict rules or answers that work for everyone when it comes to wellness. We call the unique essence of each person our “chair body,” and it’s about recognizing and honoring the different physical abilities and limits that make us beautifully unique.

Think of our classes as a mix of the old art of Indian Traditional Yoga and the newest science discoveries from the West. It’s more than just poses and routines; it’s an experience that’s meant to heal your whole body. We don’t just teach you, we show you how to use your body’s natural ability to heal and change.

We are a group that wants you to learn about yourself and heal, and we don’t just talk about it; we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve made our techniques better through trial and error and personal experience. This makes sure that what we offer is not only useful but also safe. You can count on us to help you find your inner power, find balance, and create a life that is in tune with harmony.

Our Services

Yoga Teacher Training:

Through our in-depth teacher training classes, you can learn both the art and science of yoga. Learn about different types of yoga, like Vinyasa Karma and Hatha Yoga, and get the skills you need to help and inspire other people on their yoga journey.

Sound Healing :

Feel how powerful sound can be for healing. Our skilled sound healers will lead you through life-changing lessons that balance your mind, body, and spirit. This will help you relax, feel better, and be healthier overall.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga:

Kundalini yoga can help you awaken the dormant energy inside you and reach your full potential. To open and balance the Kundalini energy, this dynamic and strong practice includes breathing exercises, meditation, and singing mantras. Feel more aware, your mind grow, and you feel deeply connected to your inner self.

Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga is an ancient exercise that has been used for thousands of years to bring the body and mind into balance. Hatha Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and inner peace through a series of physical poses, control of breath, and meditation. Take advantage of this old practice's life-changing effects and live a balanced and peaceful life.


Pranayama, the ancient practice of breath control, is an integral part of yoga and meditation traditions originating in ancient India. The term "pranayama" is derived from two Sanskrit words: "prana" meaning life force or vital energy, and "ayama" meaning expansion or extension. Together, pranayama refers to the conscious regulation and expansion of the breath.

Subtle Anatomy:

When you unlock the secrets of the subtle body, you gain a deep understanding of the complex energy systems that affect our health as a whole. Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Reiki are just a few of the spiritual and healing practices that this old idea comes from. People think that the subtle body is a network of energy channels that are all linked to each other.

Psychosomatic Disorders

Psychosomatic Disorders:

Gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how psychological factors can manifest as physical ailments. Explore holistic approaches to address psychosomatic disorders and promote holistic healing.

Inner Child:

When you make friends with your little you, you're gonna go on a super cool adventure to become even better and feel all better too! Hey there! Wanna know a super cool way to feel better and grow as a person? Well, by doing fun activities, you can totally heal from bad stuff that happened in the past, be kinder to yourself, and become even more awesome! How awesome is that?

Chakra Tuning:

Take a deep dive into the ethereal world of the chakra system, where the vibrant energy centers weave together the complex patchwork of our lives in a way that feels right. Learn the sacred art of balancing, cleansing, and awakening these important energy areas, which will help you reach a state of deep balance and health.

Aura Cleaning

Aura Cleaning:

Feel your aura, the energy field that surrounds your body, getting clean and clear. You can clear energetic blockages, restore balance, and improve your general energetic health by doing certain things.

Deep Relaxation Techniques:

Deep relaxation techniques can help you deal with stress, become more aware, and reconnect your body and mind. Learn how having some peace and time to recharge can change your practice.

Yogic Chikitsa

Yogic Chikitsa:

Yogic Chikitsa at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness can help you access your unlimited healing energy. Go on a spiritual journey to unlock the power of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness. Deeply exploring ancient information can unleash great internal healing powers.

Balance the forces of the sun and moon by harmonizing Ida and Pingala. This will bring out your inner Shakti. At Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness, you can learn how aligning these important energy channels can change your life. Bring out your divine feminine and masculine forces to create balance and strength. Feel the deep benefits of this old practice as it improves your overall health. Come with us on a journey to learn more about yourself and use your full ability.

Our Expert Team

Our team at Fitfortunes is dedicated to your road to holistic wellness, and we bring together a wide range of skills and knowledge to help you:

Pravesh Narwal is our Lead Teacher and practitioner. He has worked with physically disabled people and people in pain for 16 years. Pravesh focuses on posture and alignment to improve general health because he has a deep understanding of the body’s ability to heal and change.

Our Holistic Wellness Coach and Sound Healer, Devesh Narwal, uses the power of sound waves to help people heal. Devesh knows a lot about many different types of wellness practices. He also helps people fix their breathing habits, which creates a sense of balance and harmony.

Our well-known Guru for Yogic Philosophy and Akhada Tradition, Aaditya Giri, gives us deep knowledge and understanding about the ancient teachings of yoga. Aaditya helps his students find their inner selves and learn more about the deeper parts of yoga by leading them on a spiritual road.

Our team at Fitfortunes is committed to helping you on your path to holistic health. We will give you expert advice and support as you explore how yoga and sound healing can change your life. Come join us and feel the deep benefits of our passionate and knowledgeable teachers.






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Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga School Accreditation

Your pathway to inner harmony and holistic well-being. As an accredited institution by Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance International, and World Yoga Federation, we are committed to providing exceptional Yoga Teacher Training courses, Sound Healing courses, and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) programs. Our transformative journey will empower you to deepen your practice and share the gift of yoga with others. Join our vibrant community and embark on a fulfilling odyssey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Enroll today and experience the profound benefits of our Google-friendly accredited yoga programs. Namaste!

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We are dedicated to supporting you on your path to holistic well-being and self-discovery at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga and Sound Healing School. Our knowledgeable staff, under the direction of seasoned teachers and healers, is committed to your personal development. Discover the amazing effects of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Yogic Chikitsa, and self-healing.

Start your journey toward holistic wellbeing right now. Start your journey of transformation at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga and Sound Healing School, where cutting-edge research and age-old knowledge combine to provide a genuinely holistic approach to wellness.