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Sound Healing Level 1 Course

Sound Healing Level 1 Course

Beginning the Pathway to Deep Relaxation with the Sound Healing Introductory Course

If you want to get away from the stress of everyday life, come to Rishikesh, India. Fitfortunes, one of the best yoga schools in the city, wants you to start a life-changing journey with their Sound Healing Level 1 Practitioner Course.

For 10 hours, you'll learn about the old art of sound healing and how it can have a huge effect on your health.

  • Find out about the science of sound. Learn about the interesting world of sounds and how they can change your muscles, brainwaves, and even your immune system.
  • Learn the Basic Practice: Learn the Sound Healing skills with Himalayan and metal singing bowls so you can create custom sounds that meet your specific needs. .
  • Find inner peace : Let the soothing hum of these ancient instruments wash away stress and tension, guiding you towards deep relaxation and emotional release.
  • Learn the Benefits: Integrate the power of sound healing into your daily routine for improved sleep, reduced stress, and a renewed sense of balance.
  • Learn from the Best: Fitfortunes is known as one of the best Sound Healing schools in Rishikesh, so come and learn in our supportive setting with our Teachers.

Why Choose Fitfortunes?

  • Experienced and passionate teachers: Gain valuable insights from experts who are dedicated to sharing the magic of sound healing.
  • Small group setting: Receive personalized attention and guidance in a comfortable and intimate environment.
  • Holistic approach to well-being: Fitfortunes goes beyond sound healing, offering a range of yoga and meditation practices to complement your journey.
  • Ready to take your first step towards deep relaxation and inner peace? Join Fitfortunes' Sound Healing Level 1 Practitioner Course and unlock the transformative power of sound. Register today and:

  • Experience the joy of creating your own personalized soundscapes.
  • Learn safe and effective techniques for playing Singing Bowls.
  • Discover the science behind the healing power of sound.
  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • Cultivate a daily practice for lasting well-being.

Let the melodies guide you. Let the healing begin.

Pricing Options

Book Now According to Your Choice of Package

Course Only: Join the course without accommodation or meals.

Shared Room: Accommodation in a shared room with included meals.

Private Room: Enjoy a private room with included meals during your stay.

Sound Healing Training Details

What Will You Learn In This Sound Healing Training India?

In this Sound Healing Training India you will learn:

  • Healing emotional and psychic problems in the scientific and traditional way.
  • How to overcome the residue of past traumas, emotional and negative situations.
  • Controlling our mood and behavior using brain vibrational frequency and energy.
  • Rhythmic Sound Frequencies help in removing mental blockages and pranic blockages.
  • How internal body cells resonate with emotions and how to keep balance between both.
  • Raising the frequency of positive energy to attain a holistic mind and body health.

We Offer a Customized Care in Sound Healing Course Rishikesh

Customized Care through Sound Healing Course Rishikesh:

  • In-person and group Workshops
  • Online and Onsite Sessions both available
  • Courses as per beginners, medium and advance levels
  • Sound Healing Certification for Level 1, Level 2.
  • A powerful, quick, effective, and long-lasting learning experience
Sound Therapy Courses in India

Sound healing Level 1 and Level 2 Course in Rishikesh, India Covers

Introductory Course Level 1

  • --Historical journey of Singing Bowls
  • --7 Chakra philosophies and their intuitive linking to Bowls
  • --Buying, caring, keeping of Singing Bowls
  • --Analyzing sound and vibrations
  • --What are good and bad Sounds
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Advanced Course Level 2

  • --Gong’s effect on the body
  • --Integral Sound Healing Baths, Yoga, Chanting, and Meditation
  • --Singing Bowl Massage
  • --Self-healing and Self-care using Singing Bowls, Gongs.
  • --Chakra Balancing & Aura Balancing by Sound Healing
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