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Are you interested in adopting a holistic approach to life through yoga? Do you crave more balance, happiness, and inner peace? Are you ready to start your yoga journey and connect with your inner self? If so, our 100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is a perfect fit for you. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn and incorporate yoga into their daily life and experience the healing power of yoga.

Our program covers yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and techniques comprehensively and is internationally accredited. It provides you with the knowledge and credentials you need to begin your yoga journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a dedicated enthusiast, this course welcomes people from all backgrounds who share a genuine interest in exploring the world of yoga.

Join us at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga School in the stunning surroundings of Rishikesh for a transformative experience. Take the path to becoming a certified yoga teacher and embrace the incredible impact of yoga on your life. It’s a journey towards greater balance, harmony, and well-being, and it all starts right here.


आयुः सत्त्वबलारोग्यसुखप्रीतिविवर्धनाः ।

रस्याः स्निग्धाः स्थिरा हृद्या आहाराः सात्त्विकप्रियाः ।।8।।
Bhagwat Geeta (shraddhaatray-vibhaag)

Boost Your Well-Being with Healthy Eating in Our 100-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

At Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga School, we know that what you eat can make a big difference in how you feel, both physically and mentally. That’s why our 100-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course focuses on healthy eating, making sure you get the right kind of food for your personal growth.

During the course, we provide a carefully planned diet based on yogic principles and inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. This diet is designed to help your body naturally heal, rejuvenate, and feel more energetic. You’ll notice the benefits of feeling lighter and more refreshed throughout the day, which is important for anyone looking to become a Hatha Yoga teacher.

We’re committed to serving you nutritious meals that cater to different dietary preferences. Our food is not only tasty but also suitable for vegans and those with gluten sensitivities, promoting your overall well-being.

Join us for a comprehensive Hatha Yoga teacher training experience at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga School, where you’ll nourish both your body and mind through wholesome, balanced eating.


Fitfortunes Yoga School has situated in a peaceful place and surrounded bybeautiful green mountains, Beside river Ganga. Our rooms are clean, simple and maintained well. We have Private as well as Shared rooms available.

Each room offers a comfortable bed with bed linen and woolen or simpleblankets according to Season,storage space for your belongings, ceiling fan, power socket. Some rooms offer wonderfulviews of the holy river Ganga and mountains, while some look onto our spacious garden or inner courtyard. Rooms have got a balcony/ terrace and attached Bathroom. With otherBasic amenities.

  • No Prerequisite Qualification is required .
  • This course is designed for both beginners and experienced ones.
  • Basic English knowledge is required
  • 60-Hours of Techniques Training/Practice – Includes Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, Mantra chanting, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques. These hours are a mix between (1) Daily training in how to teach and practice the techniques, and (2) guided practice of the techniques themselves.
  • 10-Hours of Teaching Methodology We will teach you about how to find your own unique voice as a yoga teacher.
  • 10-Hours of Subtle Anatomy & Physiology – Includes both human Subtle anatomy and physiology (Kosha, Bandhas,chakras).
  • 15-Hours of Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Introduction to Bhagwat geeta, YogSutras.
  • 5-Hours of Practicum – Includes practice teaching, observing others teaching and group Discussion and feedback.


  • Hasth Vinyasa & Sun Salutation.
  • Introduction of Pranayama
  • Mantra Chanting
  • The breath and yoga
  • Yoga fundamentals
  • Subtle anatomy
  • Get to know about the traditional yogic life style.
  • Explore variations of the most common asanas.
  • An introduction to ancient and traditional texts of yoga Bhagwat Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
  • 5 Mudras .
  • Importance of yoga in your daily life and its applications.
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Making yoga an inevitable part of your life
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Teacher ethics.
Standard facilities
Addtional customized facilities

Come and be a part of our 100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga School, where we offer a transformative experience that will deeply enrich your body and mind.

Under the expert guidance of our seasoned instructors, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery through daily meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), and yoga postures (asanas). We also introduce you to Shatkarma practices, which focus on purification and balance.

But it’s not just about the physical aspect of yoga. Our program also includes vinyasa flows and holistic movement lessons, which not only make your body stronger but also promote your overall well-being. Each day brings fresh opportunities for growth and learning.

Join us at Fitfortunes Holistic Wellness Yoga School, and you’ll not only unlock your true potential as a yoga teacher but also gain the confidence to help others on their own yoga journey. Our course is designed to be user-friendly and enriching, making it accessible to everyone.

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