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Healthy Fitness Tips Even with a 9-5 Job

Tips for Healthy Fitness tips even with a 9-5 Job

Healthy Fitness Tips Even with a 9-5 Job
Healthy Fitness Tips Even with a 9-5 Job

When was the last time your office lunch was something healthy, cooked at home? Our lives become quite hectic, especially for the youngsters new to the 9 to 5 lives to Stayfit.
But this does not mean we sacrifice our health in the hands of tight schedules.

-Keep your diet simple

The online blogs are teeming with diets which can possibly get you to size 0 by week 3. But keep in mind; you cannot afford to faint during a presentation. Just follow these simple plans.

– Drink lots of water.

Studies say that Water Intake Affect Energy Levels and Brain Function.

If you don’t Drink Water (stay hydrated) throughout the day, your energy levels and brain function will start to suffer.

So, Set your goals to finishing 3 X 400ml bottles of water in 6 hours.

– Say NO to energy drinks.

Of course Sting and Red Bull taste like heaven. But guess what else is flying higher along with your energy? Sugar levels. Skip them out entirely. Keep chilled bottles of cucumber water to refill your energy slots.

– Keep a proper balance between veggies and meat/plant proteins.

All the nutrition received is integral in keeping you awake and ready for the world
– No big gaps. 3 pm lunch means a 6 pm fruit salad or something light and healthy. Your body needs fuel.

See what type of Bread is good for you.

-Get a Good Sleep

In the age of power naps, we receive 0 power and a few snores to be precise. We calculate hours of rest on your fingertips. The only reason our energy levels were so high during childhood was that sleeping on time was mandatory. Let’s bring it back

– Perform activities which make you doze off

Is your favourite movie keeping you awake? Ditch it post-11, go for the most boring film or book near you and you’ll feel your eyelids getting heavier by the minute.

– Dim down the lights in your home within 10:30 pm

Imagine someone turning on your LED at 6 am, irritating isn’t it? Dimming the lights before heading to bed cools down the rooms and also sets the environment for a cosy low-lit atmosphere you wish to rest in.

-Find YOUR Perfect Workout

There are so many unique exercise routines out there for Stayfit. Weightlifting, Cardio, HIIT, Karate, you name it. But which one makes you wish to leave the chair and getting sweaty? Find your inner rage-machine.

– Find workout routines which suit your time.

If gym workouts take too long via travel, learn the exercises to practice at home. Add a few pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, gym ball, Abs-curve for better benefits.

– Eat for energy

Even if you workout for 30 minutes, your body needs some fuel to power up. Protein biscuits, banana, fruit smoothies, pick your favourite and see the results.
Our professions and fitness are bi-product of goals we always wished to achieve.

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