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Total Chapters in Bhagwad Geeta

A brief introduction to the eighteen chapters of the Geeta.

In our Earlier Blog, we have discussed the Plot of Bhagwad Geeta. Now, in this Blog, we bring out the total Chapters of it. The Bhagwat Geeta, consists of 18 enlightening chapters. There are deep spiritual lessons and useful advice in every chapter of Bhagwat Geeta , which is called a “yoga.” These parts show us different ways to live our lives and give us ideas about duty, devotion, and what reality is really like. Whether you want to learn something new or become more spiritually aware, reading the Bhagwat Geeta can teach you important lessons that will last forever.

Names of Chapters in Sanskrit.

  1. Arjunavishaadayog
  2. Sankhyayoga
  3. Karmayoga
  4. Gyaan-Karmasanyasayoga
  5. Karmasanyasayoga
  6. Atmasanyamayoga
  7. Gyaana-Vigyaanayog
  8. Aksarabrahmayoga
  9. Rajavidya- Rajaguhyayoga
  10. Vibhutiyoga
  11. Visvarupadarshanayoga
  12. Bhakti yoga
  13. Ksetra Ksetrajna Vibhagayoga
  14. Gunatraya Vibhagayoga
  15. Purusottamayoga
  16. Daivasura Sampad Vibhagayoga
  17. Sraddhatraya Vibhagayog
  18. 18. Moksa Sanyasayoga

So, Each Chapter has its own Importance. Now, let’s know about each chapter separately and get to know the Bhagwad Geeta more Stepwise.
Geeta Preaching start from the first chapter Called Arjun-Vishad Yog.

Arjuna and Shri Krishana
Arjuna and Shri Krishna

Arjun-Vishad Yog

As the name describes Arjun-Vishad, Vishad means the feeling of grief and sadness. So, the base of the first chapter, Arjun Sadness and confusion. The feeling of sorrow and disturbance in mind comes in his mind after watching his relatives on the battlefield. The attachments with those people from his Childhood. Now they Standing in Front of his to fight with him. No option for Arjun to omit this situation. These things giving him sadness and the ample number of questions in his Mind.
This is the only main reason behind this unique knowledge of the Geeta. Which, resulted in Yogiraj Srikrishna to preach the Geeta. If this turmoil does not arise within Arjuna on the battlefield. Then today we all are completely deprived of this knowledge of the Geeta.
The reason for this whole preaching of the Geeta is to be annoyed by Arjuna.
When Yogiraj Shrikrishna sees that Arjun’s who always love the war. But Today, on the battle of Mahabharata, his Gandiva (bow) fell down. And,  discouraged Arjun sat in the chariot. In fact, for Krishna, it was a subject to worry about. Geeta is the result of Srikrishna’s contemplation.

Total Verses in the First Chapter

There are Total 47 Verses in Arjuna-Vishad Yoga. In these 47 verses, following topics described prominently. Very First verses of Geeta start from Dhritarashtra (Eldest Uncle of Arjun and Father of Duryodhana, Duryodhana and Arjuna on Battlefield Against Each other). In it, Dhritarashtra (he was Blind) asks Sanjay (Narrator of war and caretaker) “What, the Pandavas(Arjun and his brothers) and my sons doing in Kurukshetra”. In response to which, Sanjay begins to tell the scene of the battlefield.
After this, he described the names of the conch shells played by the commanders of the Kauravas, Bhishma Pitama. As well as, Sri Krishna and Pandavas. Then when Arjun says to Krishna, O Krishna! Take my chariot between the two armies. I want to see which warriors have come to fight against us in this war. As soon as Arjun’s chariot reaches the middle of the two armies, Arjun sees his own self standing against him.
So, In this situation of illusion and depression, Arjun argues with Krishna. That, he not going to Fight this war. He states that this war will result in fierce consequences. furthermore, it Results in Family destruction, orphan kids, widows all around.


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