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5 best yoga poses for beginners Energize your Body Early-Morning

the best yoga poses for beginners which Energize your Body Early-Morning

The fading sunlight shimmers through curtain curtains, greeting you from the peaceful slumber.
Good morning. Isn’t it such a pleasant day?
We wish to fall back to bed but the day ahead brings new goals, chores, and opportunities.
A few splashes of water and some yoga moves will snap us back to the energized self.
Yoga helps in stretching up the body and releasing the drowsiness from within.
Here are a few yoga poses for the morning energy refill. Also, check yoga poses to control depression.

1. Upward Salute (Urdhva Hastasana)

– Stand upright with your feet near to each other
– Your thighs should not have any space between them
– Pull your tummy in slightly and bring the arms to the sides of your thighs
– Roll your shoulders back, inhale and raise both arms to meet over your head
– Look upwards at your thumb
– Exhale and return your arms back to resting position.

2. Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

– Stand upright keeping your feet completely on the floor
– Arch up your back and bring the hands to your sides
– Inhale and lean forward, keeping the back straight
– Balance your current posture by placing your hands on either side of your feet
– Exhale and bend your elbows, bringing the torso close to your knee caps
– Inhale again to lift your upper body up.

3. Downward Facing Face (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

– Lie down on your stomach, arms parallel to the body
– Bring your fingers parallel to your chest
– Lift your upper up, straightening your arms till you’re on all 4s.
– Tuck in your toes and raise your glutes upwards while straightening your knees
– To release, bend the knees down and rest.

4. Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

– Bring your body down in a regular planking position
– Your arms should be parallel to the shoulders and toes, balancing the lower body
– Roll your shoulders back and straighten your elbows
– Lift up your torso and straighten the back
– Lower your hips and flatten your feet over the floor
– Return back to downward facing dog pose stretch out.

5. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Tadasana can be done in two different positions according to class and comfort :

  1. Standing Tadasana Pose (Active)
  2. Supine Tadasana pose (Resting)    
  Standing Tadasana Pose

-Stand straight keeping your legs slightly apart from each other.

-Now, With an Inhale start Raising your hands above your head and look straight and gaze at one point.

-Interlace the fingers of both the hands and turn the palms upwards towards the ceiling.

-Lift your heels in and stand on the toes.

– Be as tall as you could, while stretching your arms, chest and shoulders upwards and balancing on your toes.

-Hold this pose for few seconds and bring your hands and heels down with a exhale.

-You can practice this Pose for a few rounds.

yoga for increase your hight
Supine Tadasana pose

-We perform this asana laying down straight on the mat and doing the same steps as we did in standing tadasana.

These asanas are relatively easier to follow and takes up about half an hour of your mornings. Your body will feel more relaxed and energized to tackle the entire day.
In order to start the routine, take help of a yoga teacher to know about yoga and the health benefits.

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