What is Yoga ? What is the Defination of Yoga

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What is Yoga ? We will discuss the defination of yoga by the example of some Indian text books. Yoga is not a Style its a Path for Self.

ArjunVishad The First Chapter of Bhagwad Geeta

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Continuing Forward from our Introduction part. Now, we move to the detailed study of each chapter of Bhagwad Geeta Slowly. So, in the first chapter Scene of the battlefield in

Introduction to Second Chapter of Bhagwat Geeta

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In this chapter of the Geeta, Shri Krishna begins to treat Arjuna's turmoil. Knowledge of Bhagwat Geeta by Shri Krishna starts with this chapter.

Total Chapters in Bhagwad Geeta

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A brief introduction to the eighteen chapters of the Geeta. In our Earlier Blog, we have discussed the Plot of Bhagwad Geeta. Now, in this Blog, we bring out the

Introduction to Bhagwat Geeta

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Shrimadbhagwad Geeta is not only the Indian but also the most read religious texts in the world. Translated into almost all languages of the world.