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ArjunVishad The First Chapter of Bhagwad Geeta

Continuing Forward from our Introduction part. Now, we move to the detailed study of each chapter of Bhagwad Geeta Slowly. So, in the first chapter Scene of the battlefield in Kurukshetra appears. In which, the armies of Kurus and Pandavas standing against each other.
But, during this One of Greatest Fighter of Pandavas (5 Brothers) army Arjun(a great bowman) becomes enamoured. Because, his own people standing in the army of Kurus. Which Depressed him.

Arjuna and Shri Krishana
Arjuna and Shri Krishana

Kurus and Pandavas

Before we move forward let’s get a little knowledge of Kurus and Pandavas.
In Particular, everything of this era roll around (Devavratha) Bhishma. Also, Known as Bhishma Pitamah. The eldest son of King Shantanu. But, He took a lifetime vow to the father of his stepmother (Satyawati, daughter of a fisherman). He vowed to serve his kingdom forever. Also, won’t get married and remain Bharamchari forever. As well as, give his father’s kingdom to his Cousin. So, due to this son of Satyawati Vichitravirya became the king. But, he died in a war. Bhishma had his vow, so the kingdom literally had no king. Meanwhile, Satyawati called his eldest son Maharishi Ved Vyasa. The son of Satyawati and Sage Parashara. And then, one queen who closed her eyes after watching VedVyasa got Dhritarashtra. Blind by birth. Another queen, who became pale in front of Ved Vyasa give birth to Pandu. He remained sick forever. So, after realizing that both these kids wont be capable of being great kings. Satyawati asks her special maid to meet Ved Vyasa. Thus Sanjay (one of the Preachers of Bhagwat Geeta) was born. But Sanjay Denied to be king and serve the King Dhritarashtra or Pandu.

Kurus – 100 Sons of Dhritarashtra
Pandavas – 5 Sons of Pandu
Thus, All these incidents between Kurus and Pandavas plot Mahabharata. And that

Arjun Vishad (Arjun depression and Turmoil)

To begin with, After seeing his relatives and cousins against him in the war of Mahabharata. Many questionaries in the mind of Physically and mentally depressed Arjun. It could be easily estimated that Arjuna was totally nervous. That’s why this chapter has been named as Arjun Vishad Yoga.
Besides, the main warriors of both armies are discussed. Their roles and which warrior who played the conch to start the war also described. The sound of these conch decides the timing of war. Sunrise Start of war, Sunset end of the war for the day.

Containing a total of 47 verses

Starting the Very first Spoken by Dhritarashtra asking Sanjay.

1. “Dharmashetra Kurukshetra Samvata Yuyutsava.
Mamka Pandwaschaiva Kimkurvat Sanjay” 1

Meaning:- Sanjay! What my sons and sons of Pandava did. Who are gathered together with the desire to fight in the field of Religion in Kurukshetra?

In Addition, He named Kurukshetra as the Region of Religion. Blind Dhritarashtra asking Sanjay to tell him the real view of the Battlefield. Furthermore, All about the armies, the warriors and their Positions.

In a reply to this Sanjay States that,

2. “Drshtava Tu Paandavaaneekan Vyoodhan Duryodhanastada.

Aachaaryamupasangamy Raaja Vachanamabraveet‌”.

3. “Pashyaitaan Paanduputraanaamaachaary Mahateen Chamoom‌.

Vyoodhaan Drupadaputren Tav Shishyen Dheemata”.

4. “Atra sura Mahesvasa Bhimarjunasama Yudhi.

Yuyudhano Viratasca Drupadasca Maharathah”.

5. “Dhrshtaketushchekitaanah Rshiraajashch Veeryavaan.

Purujitkuntibhojashch Shaibyashch Narapuhvah”.

6. “Yudhimaanushch Vikraant Uttamaujaashch Veeryavaan.

Saubhadro draupadeyaachaar sarv evar mahaarathau”.


Sanjay says that after watching the special preparation for the war of the Pandavas army. Duryodhana (Eldest Son of Dhritarashtra) went to Acharya Dron (Dronacharya). Duryodhana says,” Look at this huge army of Pandavas. Designed by Dhrishtadyumna, the son of your wise disciple, King Drupada”.

Here in the army of these Pandavas, there are big warriors like Bhima and Arjuna. Among them, Saatyaki, Viraat, Great warrior king like Drupada. Dhrshtaketu, Chekitaan, Veeryavaan, Kashiraj, Purujit Kuntibhoja, best poetic in humans. Mighty Yudhamanu, Uttamauja, Subhadra’s son Abhimanyu. As well as, five sons of Draupadi. All of them are great warriors.

Hence, In all these verses, Duryodhana telling Dronacharya about all the major warriors. Also, theirs roles in the army of the Pandavas.

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