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Kumbh Mela 2019 – World’s largest religious gathering – A must visit!

Kumbh Mela 2019 – World’s largest religious gathering – A must visit!

Kumbh Mela an astounding festival of Hindus. Hence a splendid cultural treat.  In other words, a celebration that symbolizes life, divinity, and spirituality. Moreover, an experience that goes beyond the realm of religious beliefs.

People from all the walks of life and from across the world visit this greatest of a great festival. So, If you packing your bags to visit this great gathering of devotees. For instance here a bunch of information that will help you.

Why is Kumbh Celebrated?

The Mela celebrated once in 12 years and known as Maha Kumbh. Ardh Kumbh is also celebrated every 6 years. The word “Kumbh” literally means a “Pot”.

    Furthermore, Mythological story of Kumbh fair revolves around the Samudra Manthan or ocean churning. In fact, Done by the gods and demons to acquire the invaluable jewels and Pot of Elixir (Amrita).

   Gods didn’t want the demons to take the pot of elixir. When while churning the pot showed up. Uccaishrava Jayanta, the son of Lord Indra saw it, he snatched it from the hands of God Dhanvantari and ran.

       Meanwhile, When lord Shukracharya, the Guru of demons noticed this he alerted demons and demons chased Jayanta. Moreover, believed that one day of Gods equal to the one year of mortal beings. So, Jayanta kept on running for 12 days to save the elixir from demons and these 12 days Likewise became 12 years for humans.

     The four places where he spilled amrita during this chase are now known as Haridwar, Prayag, Nashik-Trimbakeshwar, and Ujjain. As a result, These four places marked for Kumbh Mela held after every 12 years.

Why visit Kumbh 2019?

Cultural Events

If you want to learn about Hinduism and witness the rich culture and heritage that India possesses then you must visit this festival. Mela consists of 5 main pandals for a series of events. Meanwhile, in these pandals, there are some spectacular musical performances. Along with some traditional folk dances and many other cultural events.

Pravachan Pandal

You wish to gain some spiritual experience. Then make sure you visit the Pravachan pandal where spiritual discourses will be given along with many religious programs.

Tourist Walks

A tourist walks arranged by the government of India this year. These walks have a unique significance. As they let you explore the various parts of a region. This tour includes the visit to renowned temples and forts. Bade Hanuman Ji Temple, Patalpuri Mandir, Akshaya Vat, Allahabad Fort, and Ram Ghat are main attractions of the Mela.

Thematic Gates

To navigate your way through this giant fair. And to enhance the aesthetic appeal of this glorious event thematic gates are installed. These gates are strategically placed and every gate has a unique identity.

The Sangam or Confluence of Three Rivers

Prayagraj is famous for its ‘Sangam’ which is the confluence of three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. Therefore, one of the holiest sites in the Hindu religion.

Special days to wash your sins

One dip in pious River Ganga known to wash all your sins but there are dates which are more effective. So, if you want to wash your sins in these special days then here the dates:

• Basant Panchami (3rd Shahi Snaan) – 10 February
• Maghi Poornima – 19 February,
• Maha Shivratri – 04 March 2019

Time and location of Kumbh 2019

This year Kumbh Mela started on Tuesday 15th January 2019 and it will end on Monday, 4th March 2019. 

Accommodation and food

Eventually, you don’t have to worry about your stay and food. In Addition, From high-tech tents, 3,4,5 star hotels and comfortable house stay. Hence every option is available for you to stay. In the same way, Mouthwatering food stalls placed on every corner and you can get the taste of real India in these stalls.


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