Are you looking for a yoga teacher training? Fitfortunes may be the first place to begin with. Fitfortunes offer you a wide range of high quality yoga teacher training programs. We have designed our classes for them who wish to learn. Improve their skills. In our training session you will get to learn about, physiology, introduction to yoga therapy.
Overview of Our Programs
The breath and yoga
Basic kriya techniques
Classical yogic meditation
Stress management yoga
The immune system and yoga

We have designed our training program for you to become a skilled yoga trainer. By participating in our yoga program you will learn about:

Learn about different types of yoga therapies.
Yoga philosophy and how to apply it in your daily life.
Teacher ethics. As a yoga trainer you should know what the importance of yoga is.
We will teach you about how to find your own unique voice as a yoga teacher.
Experience different types of meditation techniques. It will help you to improve your own skills.
How can you structure your own yoga class.
Learn about the art of hands-on-adjustment.
Explore variations of the most common asanas.

We will teach you how to start the pranayama. How will you achieve the skills in pranayama. We will help you to learn the right techniques. Our teachers will also guide you to improve your daily life habits. We have designed our pranayama and meditation classes to give a healthy life style.
Pranayama and Meditation
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We will provide you a yoga philosophy class. In this class you are free to ask questions based on meditation or any other session related. You will get to learn about the meaning of yoga, history. Life style of a yoga teacher. How to overcome obstacles on the path of yoga. This session will help you to build your career as a yoga trainer.
Details about yogic chikitsa

Yogic chikitsa also known as a yoga therapy. In this session we will help you to know more about yourself. Four paths are included in this session, raj yoga, karma yoga, bhakti and gyan yoga. In this session our professionals will help you to learn about:
Yoga fundamentals
Posture alignment
Pain management and movement

We believe professional yoga teachers always need to develop their skills and learn new things. We have organized our classes for your self-growth:

Gain new body awareness
Flexibility, strength, stability and being a yoga teacher what should you avoid in your practice
Get to know about the traditional yogic life style
Every day you should practice mindfulness meditation
Learn about your own body posture. How can you optimize it.

Yoga is the only approaches to health that assist in keeping your body healthy. Everyday practice will help you to boost your energy level. With Fitfortunes you will get a depth about it. You will be confident to take classes for all level. Our 200hour yoga teacher training program will help you to develop your skills. We invite you to come and experience the amazing facts of yoga.
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More About Us
Tentative schedule

6.30 Wake up/self-care

7.00-7.30 am class 1 (Cleaning/Detoxification)

7.30-7.50 Tea Time

8.00-9.30 Class 2 (Practice Class)

9.30-10.15 Breakfast

11.00-12.30 Class 3 (Theory/Master class )

12.30-13.30 Lunch

14.00-15.00 Rest

15.00 15.45 class 4 (Meditation)

16.00-18.00 Self Activity/Tea Time

18.00-19.30 class 5 (Practice class)

19.30-20.15 dinner

20.30-21.00 class 6 (Meditation)

21.00 Lights off
Total Fees

Below we have mentioned our price:



If you have any query regarding our course or admission procedure please feel free to call us. We will be pleased to help you.