India Enlightening

India is today one of the fastest developing nations. It is standing with confidence on the global map. There are so many facets to this wonderful country that tourists from different parts of the globe want to visit and enjoy the beautiful aspects of this country. Here are some of the reasons which make India one of the best tourist destinations.

Explore the historical places of India:

India has some of the best monuments and places which are a part of the rich history of India. It has one of the seven wonders of the world that is the Taj Mahal which is located in the historical city of Agra. Equally interesting are places like Jaipur in Rajasthan which has plenty of forts and palaces which will leave you in awe.

Do not forget to visit the akshardham temple of Gujarat which is the divine abode of God. A visit to saarnath which is of importance to the Buddhists is also mandatory. India is the country of renowned ancient universities like the takshila and it is a land which has many temples dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva.

This is possibly the only country where you will find people of different faiths and religions living in complete harmony. Hindu, muslim, sikh, Christians and people of different faiths live here as one family. There is lots of religious tolerance in this country. People enjoy celebrating each other festivals and treat each other as their brothers and sisters.

This is the country which has discovered the science of Ayurveda. This form of medicine has cured for large number of diseases and you will find that it has been mentioned in several ancient scriptures. Similarly, this is the place where yoga was born. This form of exercise and meditation is found to be very useful in promoting mental and physical well being. It helps the person to lead a happy life and helps in maintaining physical and mental balance.

Indian is a country where one will find the perfect amalgamation of culture and traditions with modernism. This country has adopted a modern outlook but it has not forgotten its roots. In order to get a first-hand experience of the great culture of India one needs to actually come to this country. You will leave with lots of great memories and will yearn to come back.