How Does Yoga Change Your Body?

1.Increased Flexibility

Yoga stretches and lengthens muscles, improving your range of motion in everyday activities.

2. Boosted Strength

Holding yoga poses builds lean muscle tone, especially in your core, back, and legs.

3. Improved Balance

Balancing poses challenge your core and nervous system, leading to better stability and coordination

4. increase Posture

Yoga emphasizes proper alignment, which can correct postural imbalances and ease back pain.

5. Stress Reduction

Deep breathing and meditation practices in yoga promote relaxation, lowering stress hormones and tension

6. Greater Body Awareness

Yoga teaches you to connect with your body and its movements, improving proprioception (your sense of body position).

7. Joint Health

Yoga movements lubricate joints and strengthen supporting muscles, promoting joint health and reducing pain.

8. Improve Posture Energy Levels

Regular yoga practice can improve circulation and blood flow, leading to more energy throughout the day.