yoga or gym which is better for weight loss

Gym wins for calorie burn: Gym workouts tend to burn more calories directly due to activities like cardio and weightlifting.

Yoga for stress management: Stress can hinder weight loss. Yoga's focus on mindfulness can help reduce stress and cortisol, a stress hormone linked to weight gain.

Building muscle with the gym: Muscle burns more calories at rest, and the gym is better for building muscle mass through strength training.

Yoga improves flexibility: This can enhance your gym workouts and daily activities, reducing the risk of injury.

Yoga isn't just gentle: Vinyasa yoga and other power yoga styles can get your heart rate up and burn calories.

Gym for quick results: If you need to see the scale move fast, the gym might be a better choice for initial weight loss.

Yoga fosters healthy habits: Yoga's emphasis on mindful eating can support long-term weight management.

Consider combining both: The ideal scenario might be a combination of gym workouts for calorie burn and muscle building, with yoga for flexibility, stress reduction, and mindful eating habits.