We believe professional yoga teachers always need to develop their skills and learn new things. We have organized our classes for your self-growth.

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We have designed our program for you to become a skilled yoga teacher. By participating in our yoga program you will improve your skills, just like:-

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Are you looking for a yoga teacher training? Fitfortunes may be the first place to begin with. Fitfortunes offer you a wide range of high quality yoga teacher training programs. We have designed our classes for them who wish to learn. Improve their skills. In our Teacher Training course you will get to learn about fundamentals of yoga, Detoxification Kriyas, Pranayam Methods, Meditation and Mantras, Sukshama & Sthul Vyayam, Asana Practice.

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Yoga is the only approaches to health that assist in keeping your mind and body healthy. Every day practice will help you to boost your energy level. With Fitfortunes you will get to know about yourself and improve accordingly. We mainly focus on the Four paths of yoga i.e. Raj yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti and Gyan yoga. we invite you to come and experience the amazing facts of yoga. in our 200hr Programme you will learn about :-

Building up Meditation Practices

Mudras and Bandhas

Mantras and their Meaning

Yoga fundamentals

Introduction to Bhagwat Geeta

Yoga Sutras and Subtle Anatomy

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This Traditional Hatha Yoga teacher training has been an incredible experience. I have learned so much, not only about Yoga but also about myself. The teachers are experienced and wonderful. Their guidance motivated me to do my best.
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Everything I learned in a month-long Yoga teacher training is amazing. The teachers are very understanding. Every day I was motivated to try something new and pushed beyond limits that I didn't even know I had. I feel safe, energetic, and ready to adopt yoga. It was a challenging and rewarding experience.
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I have no words to describe how amazing that month was at this beautiful school. The teachers had me madly in love with yoga, with so much knowledge they had to share. Definitely an experience that really changes your life. Each teacher has his magic, a joy that transmits it to you in a certain way that only remains to thank life for having given you that opportunity to be there. Very grateful to the organization of this 200-hour course, it was very nice to be able to share with them, with the teachers, with my classmates who became my good friends. Very nice memories and also great knowledge acquired. I heartily recommend this.
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This intensive yoga teacher training is absolutely great! It offered me challenges, personal and spiritual growth, and forced me to face my fears by taking myself completely out of my comfort zone. I highly recommend this yoga instructor program.
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When I started looking for a yoga school in India I realized that the choice is difficult due to the amount of supply. But when I started the course and as the school days went by, I realized that I was in the right place. The impeccable work of teachers makes this experience even more enriching. Its staff of Indian teachers totally committed.
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I traveled to India determined to train as a yoga teacher. A couple of months before doing the course I went to Rishikesh to see schools, try classes so that there I could do the TTC learning Hatha and ashtanga. I contacted Narwal Ji who guided me, explained very well what the course consists of, because I did not know what to expect and finally I signed up for the course for July 2019 and it was the best what could I do. That month was a lot of learning in all areas, it is not only about practicing asanas as it is believed in the West but about integrating the teachings of yoga and its philosophy to life in a transversal way.
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You will get a single or sharing room according to the enroll you make with attached bathroom, hot and cold water facilities , wi-fi, cleaning of rooms. No room Service.

The course deposit as well as the course fees are non-refundable. In case you booked a course but are unable to arrive during that batch, your deposit cannot be returned. However, you can move your dates to another available dates and attend it without having to pay a deposit once again.

Only qualification you need is that you could understand hindi and english.

Yes anyone who want to start their journey of yoga could do the course. We have designed our course comfortable for all.

Yes please, we have mats in our studio. But according to guidelines you should bring your Personal mat.

Yoga is for all. Just come with a good mind set without any questions about yourself. It’s all about mind and muscle not about body type.

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Gain new body awareness
Get to know about the traditional yogic life style
Mobility, Strength, Stability and being a yoga teacher what should you avoid in your practice.
Learn about your own body posture. How can you optimize it
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