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Karma The Things Behind Theory of Karma

Karma, A Sanskrit word means– “actions” or “deeds”. Law of karma occupies a central position in Indian philosophy. The spiritual law which was, later on, explained scientifically as Newton’s third law of Physics. “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
Thus, According to Indian philosophy, we are because of our Karma. So, it decides our future in this or the next birth.

आत्मानं सततं ज्ञात्वा कालं नय महामते।
प्रारब्धमखिलं भुञ्जन्नोद्वेगं कर्तुमर्हसि ॥

aatmaanan satatan gyaatva kaalan naymahaamate.

praarabdhamakhilan bhunjannodvegan kartumarhasi .

Hey intelligent man, spend your life always in the knowing the supreme bliss, enjoying the whole of your Life without making any complaint.

As we all know, good deeds bring you a good result and your bad deeds bring bad for you. As time progress your Karma processed, calculated and incorporated gradually in your life. Indian soteriologies predict that future rebirths and your situations get planned accordingly. Thus, The actions you perform in your present life gets reflected.
In Addition, Karma serves two main purposes in Indian philosophy. One, motivate you to live a moral life. Next, providing you with an explanation of the primary existence of evil.

Theory of Karma
Theory of Karma

All the four systems of Yoga – Jnana, Raja, Bhakti and Karma teach us to live positively. Either in thoughts, words and deeds. Good actions support in producing positive memories.

Yajnavalkya, The first philosopher of human history. And, introduced the concept of Karma, mentioned in the book Brihadaranyaka Upanishads. Yet, the person, good or bad. He gets what he does.

Let’s know a few things about Our Cycle- Theory of Karma


Sanchita Basically it means “what we reap, what we sow”. The deeds either good or bad gathered together. Starting from the present including all the previous ones considered. But at this level, the good karma does not cut the effect of the bad. All the karma needs to be resolved. This karma symbolized arrows in a quiver. The arrows show your accumulated karma.


It’s like the arrows are discharges and are on their flight. Also, the part of Sanchita. And is ready for the action. Prarabdha, that portion of the past actions, which is responsible for the present self. This symbolizes that the arrow has left the bow and flying through the sky ready to hit the target.


Kriya means Action Going on at Present. Kriyamanna, The active or the current one. The arrow has just hit the target. And the target is feeling the pressure. The degree of main is the degree we experience. The result of this act creates a new one for you.


This can also be referred to as the future self. It follows Sanchita. It’s more like the arrow is ready to discharge from the bow. If all the environment and conditions are favourable, it leads to Praarabdha. This is the stage when the arrows are set in the bow.

Here is a video to know it more clearly

Controlling your Karma

There are various meditation techniques that help us to burn out the Sanchita Karma. Also, many People know through dream awareness about the effect of Aagamikarma. Even so, Through proper medication and appropriate actions, one can kill and destroy Agami karma. Life provides you with various situations to prove yourselves. It’s us on how we react. A humble and peaceful approach may help us to reduce the effect.
Stopping Praarabdha  requires a real understanding of yoga and spiritual power.
So, The effect of all these can be easily eliminated by self-knowledge, determination and “Om medication”. Silent Japa of “Om” would guide one to cross the ocean of Samsara and attain the freedom of rounds of birth and rebirth attaining moksha.


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