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How Yoga Changes Life its A Stepwise Journey

How Yoga Changes Life its A Stepwise Journey

How Yoga Changed My Life
How Yoga Changed My Life

Yoga has the power to change a person, physically, emotionally and psychologically, for the better.
It is a beautiful path of self-assertation and being one with your existence.
At times, our fast-paced lives tend to divert us from our well-being, pushing us towards habits which have a very negative impact on your physical and spiritual self. 
There are 8 limbs (ashtanga) and steps of yoga which can be practiced mentally and physically. 8 limbs of yoga was mentioned by Maharishi Patanjli In his YogaSutra. in General Ashtanga is a Sanskrit word with is a combination of 2 words (Asht means 8, Anga means parts of body, limbs) These shall help us through various obstacles and cleanse our souls.

1. Yamas

You’ll feel love to be the prime focus of your perception. The belief of Ahimsa is to not practice cruelty for own benefit. It teaches us that our tendencies can be more nurturing if we can see through other souls’ pain, suffering and life before intending any ill intentions towards them. Even out of spite. So Yamas based on 

  • Ahimsa: Non-injury, NonHarming and Non- Violence physically even in thoughts to, every form of life
  • Satya: The Truthfulness
  • Asatya: Do not Lie be Honest
  • Brahmacharya: use your energy wisely and with intention, appropriate sexual behaviour
  • Aparigraha: Non-greed, try to be happy whatever you already have 

2. Niyama

Niyama is the state of being at one with your soul. You will evolve into a more mature being, understanding your and close ones’ needs and priorities. You’ll be able to take decisions with a calmer mind and make logical choices rather than impulsive decisions. These will be a sense of giving as selfish needs and wants won’t matter anymore.

3. Asana

Your body will feel more cleansed and relaxed from within. You’ll feel more aware of how to treat the body and mind. Your muscles and bones will not feel tired and drained too easily. Asana help in correcting our postures and bring about flexibility within our bodies and outside. This holistic practice has a positive effect on self-love and how to treat the body right and keep the mind at peace.

4. Pranayama

Your respiration process will feel more relaxed. You’ll be able to control heavy breathing or feel calmer during stressed situations. During meditation and savasana you’ll be able to let go of your body and breathe freely while keeping the mind free of thoughts.

5. Pratyahara

You’ll feel more powerful and in control of yourself with regular meditation. Meditating has profound effects on our well-being. For someone with a short-temper issue, meditation helps to achieve the calmest state of mind even in the most stressful situation. You’ll feel a surge of fresh air after each session, making you feel whole and more energetic.

6. Dharana

Your concentration power will be higher. Any kind of diversion from a goal will be just a mere pebble to pass on. You will be able to focus on your activities and have the mental power to reach the end product. Meditating helps in filtering out noises, small thoughts, distractive habits and help us be one with our mind.

7. Dhyana

You’ll be able to temporarily withdraw from your senses in order to be in complete control of self during meditation. No thoughts, sounds, and smell shall be able to distract you. Your state of being unhinged by any nearby activities will help you take charge of all situations which come your way.

8. Samadhi

This is the goal at the end of the path. The last step to enlightenment. You’ll feel free from the shackles of mortality and its vicious cycle. Your mind and body will not be perturbed by small mishaps or negativities as you’re higher than such mere hassles. You’ll be in the power of your needs, desires, and wellness.

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