According to quantum physics, all matter is made up of energy and energy is made up of vibrations. So, the whole universe is created with sound and light means vibration and energy. Every human body (including the organs, cells, atoms, and sub-atomic particles of an individual) has its own frequency. Every individual thoughts have their own frequencies and thoughts are affected by the psychic impressions (residue of past traumas and negative situations – emotional and etheric toxins) stored in the causal body. Modern era science already proved that different brain frequency can control our mood and behaviour; not only emotional issues, even energy blockages like mental blockages, and pranic blockages can also can be removed with the help of sound frequency. An individual’s cells resonate with the frequency of that individual’s emotions (state of mind) which are in turn controlled by thoughts. When these frequencies go below a certain level, the individual manifests a disease. At higher frequencies, the individual experiences excellent overall health. Sound and Energy healing is a fact of nature in which we can clean the energy/blockages with vibration of Sound and raise the frequency of an individual by transferring positive energy to attain a holistic health


  • Brief History of the Singing Bowls
  • Chakra System
  • How to Buy a Singing Bowl
  • Caring for your Bowls
  • Sound Speed and Intensity
  • Intuition & Chakras

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  • Healing Therapies with Clients
  • Water Energetic Therapy
  • Chanting & Meditation
  • Singing Bowl Massage
  • Running a Sound Session
  • Personal Sound Healing.

Sound healing is the process of healing the mind and body by sending god vibration through the body. It takes into consideration the person’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

The focus of the person being treated is primarily on the sounds being generated by the practitioner. Singing bowls developed u the Buddhists several centuries back are the major instruments used for this type of treatment

  • Empathy: This is to be in the other person’s shoes and understanding what they are going through.
  • Non-Judgemental: an unbiased healer is someone the patient can be more comfortable in opening up to. It also increases the chances of the patient for a revisit.
  • Comfort: the client should feel calm, peaceful, and safe when under treatment. Comfort is of the utmost priority when it comes to sound healing.
  • Healing Techniques: one should be able to explain the healing process to the preacher. The practitioner should have answers to all the queries.
  • Mental Presence: mental presence is important for effective treatment. Discipline and Sadhana should be maintained thoroughly.


Sound is a powerful force that affects the mind, body, and soul. People of various cultures have identified and harnessed sounds capability to bring about healing and balance. Sound healing has evolved over the centuries and has recently been further refined to complement traditional medical treatment.

  • Vocal toning is a process of creating sound with an elongated vowel for an extended period. In Ayurveda, Vocal toning is a powerful way to balance the body’s chakras different vowel sounds correspond to a different chakra.
  •  Vocal toning is probably the easiest sound healing procedure you can perform since you do not have to use an instrument and it can be done anywhere and anytime. To perform vocal toning find a place where you will be undisturbed and sit comfortably on a chair with your spine upright. Take a few deep breaths to relax. When you are ready, vocal tone the root chakra. You can then move up to different chakras.
  • Chanting also uses the voice and involves repeating sacred words, names, and phrases. The goal of chanting is to trigger the physical changes in the brain through sound vibrations. Chanting is said to bring about a sense of deep calm and peace. 

Singing Bowls can create unique rhythmic patterns and vibrational sound harmonics similar to the frequency of “AUM” or “OM” the sacred mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism.

  • The gong is an instrument that has been used in Sound Healing for thousands of years. The gong is played by hitting its center with a mallet and spinning it to make wrapping sounds.
  • The patient allows the sound, volume, and vibrations from the gong to be absorbed by his or her body.
  • Most of those who have undergone Gong baths have reported feeling more energized, less stressed, and more peaceful.
  • Tuning forks have also been used in Sound Healing, such as where a practitioner makes it vibrate and then places it near the patient’s ailing area.
  • Tuning forks can also be placed near the chakra locations to stimulate energetic healing.


Singing bowls are powerful tools to help enhance your mood and soothe your soul. Some of the healing properties of these bowls include the following.

  • Relaxes your mind: – Reduce stress and anxiety, physical pain, improves mental and emotional clarity. Cleanses and balances chakras. Stimulates the immune system.
  • Helps meditation and healing: – Singing bowls help us by creating more awareness in our mind. Being aware of our thoughts can help us change our negative thinking patterns and move towards positivity.
  • Helps improve sleep: – Singing bowls can slow your brain wave patterns, creating more delta waves.   These are the dominant waves present during our sleep. In this way, singing bowls can help bring deep sleep by releasing your stress and worries.

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