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5 Days Yogic Chikitsa Course in Rishikesh

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5 Days Yogic Chikitsa Yoga Course in Rishikesh introductory program is a program in which you will know about yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. This program suitable for beginners seeking a base for their self practice and also to advance practitioners to enhance their practice levelCombining traditional yogic practices with western science of wellness for mordern bodies to balance their life style disorders, pain & injuries, emotional imbalances and attaining an overall health by healing mind, body and soul.

 “When water is poured into the raw pot (Mud Pottery) and it starts melting continuously. In the same way a human body starts getting weaker if not used in a way it is designed. To keep that water in the same pot for longer we need to make the Pot Strong by heating it. Same like our body need to be make strong by Daily Practice of yoga so that it stays in command of you age physically and Mentally.
In our Modern life style most of us are very busy and have no time for ourself. Due to that our body movement get limited and we develope irregular moving patterns and our body posture effected. Thus, we start getting back pain, round shoulders, shallow breathing, reverse breathing patterns, knee pain, numbness in hands or legs. As our body start acting in pain our mind get disturbed too due to unwanted tension and many other deformities mentally and physically


Unravelling the technicalities of fundamental body movements through breath body connection and learning to apply it safely in the web of Vinyasa method. The student will be given an analytical understanding and tools to develop a strong self-practice. Over the years, our experience with our students have shown us that with consistent practice in the right direction and mastering of the basic techniques we teach here in this training period; it is possible to achieve not only a sound body capable of moving efficiently but also a sound mind through the art of pranayama.


  • Fundamentals of yoga for mordern/chair bodies.
  • Know your bodymechanics and exercise science.
  • Chronic pain & Injury Management.
  • Stress and Depression Management.
  • Developing pranayama and meditation practices.
  • How to clear your blockages and channalise your energylines/chakras.
  • How to set a base of selfpractice to deepen your yoga journey.
  • How to balance harmony and health with sedentry lifestyle
Yoga Training


  • Spinal Movements.
  • Subtle Anatomy
  • Holistic movement
  • Prana Kriyas
  • Sound Therapy Session
  • Energy Lines Cleansing
  • Meditation Practice

This is a self Improvement course. So there wont be any course material. How ever students could make their own notes. But no video shoot without the permission of Instructor. this is a short term course so seats are always limited. We dont provide stay and food with it , but if you need them we can happily organize things for you. Just drop us a message or email or a call after you book for this course..

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