7 Exercise Substitutions for Faster Fat Loss Without Going to Gym

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To start with everyone moving towards better health and Beach Body. And, in this self-care people first choice is joining a gym for exercise.

ArjunVishad The First Chapter of Bhagwad Geeta

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Continuing Forward from our Introduction part. Now, we move to the detailed study of each chapter of Bhagwad Geeta Slowly. So, in the first chapter Scene of the battlefield in

Introduction to Second Chapter of Bhagwat Geeta

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In this chapter of the Geeta, Shri Krishna begins to treat Arjuna's turmoil. Knowledge of Bhagwat Geeta by Shri Krishna starts with this chapter.

Total Chapters in Bhagwad Geeta

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A brief introduction to the eighteen chapters of the Geeta. In our Earlier Blog, we have discussed the Plot of Bhagwad Geeta. Now, in this Blog, we bring out the

Selfcare is not Selfishness its a Need for Healthy Life

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Do you feel guilty in considering yourself as a priority? Selfcare is not being selfish. It’s about loving your own-self. We are workaholic people running around to get things right.

How Hindu Mythology Discovered as Modern Science

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Hi, guys we are back today to discuss one interesting topic relating to science and Hindu mythology. People often believe that mythological stories related to past literature and art. And,

PanchaKarma The Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatments

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Not to mention Ayurveda has given the world innumerable things. These things have helped to transform a world full of ailments to one which is fit and healthy. The endless

Karma The Things Behind Theory of Karma

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Karma, A Sanskrit word means– “actions” or “deeds”. Law of karma occupies a central position in Indian philosophy. The spiritual law which was, later on, explained scientifically as Newton’s third

Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance

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Being a Yogi is not Just the Physical Performance The perception of fitness has changed with time under the influence of social media. Yoga, for example, is not a physical

How Yoga Changes Life its A Stepwise Journey

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Yoga has the power to change a person, physically, emotionally and psychologically, for the better.It is a beautiful path of self-assertation